Windows Auto Wizard for Backing Up Data

Discussion in 'Backups' started by SaimaA, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. SaimaA

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    How can i take backup of my drives using Windows Xp (Professional Edition).
    Is there any built in module to do so or i have to purchase and third party program to over come the issue i am facing.
  2. Andrew@Parallels

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    Hi SaimaA,

    All the backup utilities description can be found on page 36 of the User Guide.
  3. chimsese

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    I also encountered similar problems, please help me!
  4. cuongtl

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    i think this link is helpful, indeed i dont understand your trouble.
  5. Kiếm t

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    I'm also interested. Thank you for share!
  6. cuongtl

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    thanks for your guide .
  7. Peter_steinberger

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    Backup Using the Backup and Restore Wizard in Window XP

    Here I have encloses the solution as what I understood from your question. Follow the illustrated steps.

    1- Open your desktop and click on

    Start button-My Document

    2- Now right click on your mouse and select new

    New- Text document (write my file or whatever you feel)

    3- In text document write this is my text file.

    4- Now again come to your desktop screen and from there go on to the accessories

    Accessories- system tools- backup. Window will appear of

    Backup or Restore Wizard

    5- Now click on next button, after this you will get an option in which they will ask what to backup. Choose according to your need. After this click on next button and browse it to any drive.

    6- At any drive say drive D create new folder with the name of backup for simplicity. Now continue with next button and your back up will be get in progress.

    7- After this you can also check your backup status in text document file.

    8- Now delete the text document file that you created in my document and also emptied the recycle bin.

    9- Now again open the

    Accessories- System Tool- Backup

    Now select the option Restore file and settings.

    You will see that in my document you get your deleted file back.

    This is how you can create your backup.

    consider this link

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