Why not number af "physical hosting account" in client pref's???

Discussion in 'PSA 2.5 Troubleshooting and Problems' started by mhelms, May 3, 2002.

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    Why can't admin create namebased hosting when "Client can create domains" is selected but "Client can create Name-based hosting" is deselected???

    This is not logical! I would even say it must be a bug :/

    It would be smart if the client could create domains and mailacounts for the purpose of "parked" domains and therefore not be able to create "physical hosting".

    Then if the client want's to create "physical hosting" either admin creates it for the client or even better "Client can create XX Name-based hosting accounts.

    For what reason is this restricted to "either/or" instead of an ammount of hosting accounts? It must be piece of cake to restrict


    I have a reseller that I want to sell as many domains to as he/she possibly can buy. Each physical hosting account should be sold as a package with 25Mb space and 25 popaccounts.

    The client buys 4 physical hosting accounts and therefore get's 100 mb to share between the accounts. Now if he want's to buy a domain for parking he has 5 domain's and 100 mb space he freely can decide to share between all 5 domains and there's nothing I can do to stop him. I just lost a sale of a complete account because the client chose to use the normal overhead of Megabytes that ALL customers in our industri has.

    I think the Client preferences doesn't work then and I have to setup each account mannualy but the the whole idea about resellers doesn't work.

    Plesk please respond to my query.

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