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    So I had this crazy idea. Why not switch the Whois server that I do business with to the top of the list instead of the bottom of the list so that my look ups are faster. HSPC/PBA won't let me move it from sixth (6) position to first (1) position. Major bummer.

    wouldn't it be a great idea if there was a little button on the left hand side that allowed you to increment the from sixth (6) position to first (1) position just like in the JOOMLA back end, when you want to move a posting from last to first?

    this would be way cool and I wouldn't have to waste all this time reprogrmaming ;)

    looking forward to more advances

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    Could you please clarify what do you mean? Are you talking about domains lookup in store? I noticed that you use SRSplus domain registration plug-in. It uses own API to check domain availability, so domains lookup don't depends on whois servers at all.
    I noticed that plug-in checks domains availability in cycle one by one. I submitted bug report to PBAS development team to change this behavior and check availability in a single request.
    For now to speed up lookup in store you may disable domain suggestion.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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    Sure, Not a problem. When a customer is at the store http://www.domain.com/hspc/domains.php and you place an order to "lookup" a domain for order it takes according to my watch approximately 1 minute for the API plugin to "lookup" the domain. I have my settings.ini file set to lookup "com net org us info". all of these servers are located in the us. When I change settings.ini to "com net org" it takes just as long. The "com net org" server is network solutions so it should not take that long. This is on a 10 meg connection.

    conversely the api plugin that I use on my webpage takes less than 5 seconds to do a whois search. Goto https://www.64bithost.com/hspc/index.php right hand side of the page in the slider box to test.

    True. But the srs plugin is also a sister company of network solutions. With whom I am a reseller. It works very well.

    Well that is stupid. Especially when we pay good money to registrars to become resellers and use their API which should be faster. That means that the [HSPC] API is interferring with the domain lookup.

    It is not a bug. It should cycle from one Registrar to the other Regisrar based upon usability and avaiability of domain availability. Let me explain. If I am in Florida and I want to look up a domain in the .ru extension and I have the .ru whois in my "check availability" structure it should return an answer. Given, one day there is going to be a heavy load on the .ru server and it will return "not available, time out". The domain checker should then move onto the next available .ru whois. only logical. This way we releave the burden or load on a particular .ru server for domain lookups. This is how it should be with all domain lookups instead of say ENOM locking down their servers because you are not a registered reseller through them.

    It is not a bug. Programming needs to be perfected.

    I double checked the whois server database by calling them and found out I was using the wrong domain extension. Always helps to use the correct whois domain extension for the server address.

    Check my next post for my latest idea
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    Sorry, apparently my explanation wasn't clear enough.
    Let me clarify how domains lookup works in Parallels Business Automation - Standard.

    1. Some registrars support domain availability checking through API, others not.
    PBAS checks domain statuses through registrar API if it's possible. If domain lookup is not implemented in registrar API, PBAS checks domain availability through whois servers configured per TLD (in PCC > Service Director > Domain Manager > Setup > TLDs).

    2. SRSplus API supports domain availability checking. So PBAS checks domain statuses through SRSplus API and doesn't use whois servers configured per TLD in PCC > Service Director > Domain Manager > Setup > TLDs. Is that what I mean in my previous post.

    3. About current SRSplus plug-in implementation: I noticed that plug-in tries to lookup domains one by one in cycle. I.e. it sends tons of 'GET DOMAIN INFO' requests to registrar (for all domains and for all suggestions). It's possible to check statuses of all domains at once using single 'GET MULTIDOMAIN INFO' request. This should significantly increase domains lookup speed. So I submitted a request to enhance lookup procedure for the plug-in. The fix should be included in the nearest hotfix.

    Here is comments for your previous post:

    Explained in p.3

    It's correct when we talking about several registrars.
    Let's consider following example:
    1. a provider uses SRSplus plug-in for .com, .net, .info TLDs and R01 plug-in for .ru TLD.
    2. a customer registers test.com, test.net and test.ru domains in store.
    PBAS tries to check test.com and test.net (with suggestions) through SRSplus plug-in and test.ru domain (with suggestions) through R01 plug-in. So it sends several requests to SRSplus server using SRSplus API and check .ru domains using whois servers configured for .ru TLD because of R01 API doesn't support domain lookup (it has email based API transport and it's obviously doesn't make sense to check domain status via email).

    Assuming that 1 request to SRSplus server takes ~5 sec and we have 5 suggestions configured, we get that requests to SRSplus takes (2 domains +10 suggestions) * 5 sec = 60 sec total. Assuming that it's possible to check all domains in single request, we can get ~55 sec saving.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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