WHOIS server configuration - PBAS reports domain not available

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by philippe henneau, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. philippe henneau

    philippe henneau Kilo Poster

    we installed InternetX plugin and use it for .fr.
    For .fr registration we configured a whois server (provided by InternetX, they enabled our PBA's IP, PBAS talks well to whois).

    Despite correct configuration of the whois server, PBAS considers the domain as not available for registration. I attach the answer of whois as reported by PBAS (see at bottom).
    .fr is associated with a whois server configured as follow: for registration we selected 'use the domain available pattern' configured so:%domain%: free
    The domain is free, but still, we can't convince PBAS so!
    any idea?

    ------ whois returns -----

    % o. .
    % *0$.o$* Copyright (c)2002 by InterNetX
    % InterNet $$$0
    % GmbH .o$$$Io Restricted rights.
    % _$$'$$o
    % __* *$$.
    % __ *
    % Whois-Server: whois.nic.fr
    myexampledomain.fr: free
  2. philippe henneau

    philippe henneau Kilo Poster


    the domain was marked as 'registered elsewhere' in PBAS. Even if not registered at any registrar, PBAS will consider it as NOT available (OK, makes sense)
  3. vbatraev

    vbatraev Odin Team

    Hi Philippe,

    Looks like the pattern is correct.
    Did you get this whois result from console or from PBAS UI?
    Probably something is configured incorrectly. Try to check result from Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains > "Check Domains" tab.
    Is whois response the same for the domain?

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