WHMCS intergartion into PPA

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  1. PaddingtonC

    PaddingtonC Kilo Poster

    I am setting up PPA and would like a guide on how to intergrate it with my billing software WHMCS. If there is a reference on how to do it or a step by step way of then being able to manage my domains from WHMCS.
  2. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    Hi, Paddington,
    Some instructions are here. But mostly you'll need WHMCS documentation.
  3. PaddingtonC

    PaddingtonC Kilo Poster

    We're testing creating a package from WHMCS and we get this error:

    Module Command Error
    Unable to check subscription in PPA. Unable to Connect to ssl://196.2xx.6.144:8440. Error #0:

    The release notes state this was fixed in version 11.1.4 [18-Jan-2013]

    We have:

    [root@ppa ~]# /usr/local/ppa/bin/ppa_update
    2013-03-06 11:37:14,844 [INFO]: Found PPA version: 11.1.0 RELEASE update #5
    2013-03-06 11:37:14,845 [INFO]: Checking for updates...
    2013-03-06 11:37:16,603 [INFO]: No new updates are available

    We tried downloading the WHMCS module from here:

    The file we downloaded is a different size than what we had but we're not sure if the problem is with the module or with PPA.

    Please assist.

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