When Overuse rate (Metered) is billed?

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    When using in hosting resources the metered option:

    Overuse rate (Metered) xx€ per 1 unit(s) / per month

    When does PBAS calculate the overuse units? Example for a subscription created at 1-Jan-2013 with 3 months billing:

    1) On the next day (ex: at 2-Jan-2013)
    2) At a fixed day of the month for all customers (ex: at 17-Jan-2013, 17-Feb-2013)
    3) On the billing day of the next month for the subscription and every month subsequently (ex: at 1-Feb-2013, 1-Mar-2013, etc) This would be the most obvious
    4) On the billing day of the renewal of the subscription and every 3 months subsequently (ex: at 1-Apr-2013, 1-Jul-2013)

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