When is PPA 11.5 Released?

Discussion in 'Plesk Automation Suggestions and Feedback' started by Xamine, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Xamine

    Xamine Bit Poster

    It would be great to get a straight answer out of Parallels for the release of PPA 11.5.

    Also, when is PPA Service Node CentOs 6 Ready. There has been enough time to prepare repositories, considering you gain a license fee for each service node, the delay vs demand is a little disappointing.

    I believe the community would appreciate an answer rather than a brush off from Igor.
  2. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    The service nodes on CentOS 6 are available for a long time already. As for the management node, it's coming in PPA 11.5 currently scheduled for November.


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