Whats the workflow for HSPc/VZ/Plesk?

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    I am having a hard time understanding the workflow for how customers should be provisioned on our HSPc/Plesk/Vz setup. The documentation keeps sending me in circles and I can't tell how all these services are supposed to interact with each other. Here is the setup as it stands now:

    - 3 servers running RHEL4 with VZ installed
    - server 1 has HSPc installed as well as 2 nameservers
    - servers 2 and 3 each have 2 VEs running centos 4 (std template)

    - servers 2 and 3 are registered as hardware nodes in HSPc

    - One of the VEs is registered as a Plesk node in HSPc

    - Ultimately what I'm trying to do is migrate web/email hosting from cobalt servers onto this plesk setup. I envisioned that a cobalt server would be implemented in its own VPS.


    1. What is the workflow supposed to be like with these 3 systems working together? Do I:

    register VZ nodes > make hosting plans > add customer in HSP > create VEs > register VEs as Plesk Nodes > ? (add client and domain in HSP > service director > Plesk ?)

    2. Are new users provisioned through HSPc or through plesk? I've tried adding users in Plesk but clients and domains don't register in HSP

    3. Sometimes when I make DNS changes one of my nameservers go unreachable. Is this normal?

    4. Should DNS for clients' sites show in HSP or should they only show in their Plesk CP? It looks like when a new domain is provisioned through Plesk it creates NS records for ns.<domain>.<tld>... are clients supposed to point their DNS to these records for each site or are they supposed to be managed centrally through HSP?

    5. When I make hosting plans with EZ Templates (centos 4 or 5), Often a few of the packages fail on installation (namely the mod_ssl and mysql packages)and I get a generic error saying that the install has failed. Standard templates seem to work better, but I was told that this system is phasing out. Is this a common problem?

    I would really like to get some other people's feedback on these issues because it feels like I'm missing some core info and once I fill that it a lot more will make sense.
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    Please see my comments online.

    If you want to register Plesk Node for provider:
    1. register VZ nodes;
    2. make hosting plan and create VE for the provider (alternatively you can create VE outside of HSPcomplete);
    3. register the VE as Plesk node;
    You can add Plesk domains/clients either from Provider Control Center ( PCC > Service Director > Plesk Manager) or customers can buy them in online store.

    You can also create "Plesk Virtual Node" hosting plan and your resellers will be able to buy VE with Plesk installed in the store. The VE will be registered as Plesk Node automatically in this case.

    New clients/domains are provisioned through HSPcomplete. If you register client or domain in Plesk, HSPcomplete will collect information about it and the client(domain) will appears in PCC > Migration Director > Conflicts Resolver from which you can either register it in HPScomplete or delete it from Plesk Node.

    No, this is not normal. Most probably namesevers hostnames can't be resolved from VE with HSPcomplete installed.

    Customers can manage DNS either from Plesk CP or from HSPcomplete CP. Information how does Plesk synchronize DNS with HSPcomplete can be found here.


    1. registers manageable NSes in HSPcomplete;
    2. creates new NSset with the NSes;
    3. assigns the NSset to a hosting plan;
    Customer buys Plesk Domain/Client in the store:
    1. with new domain registration;
    Domain will be registered with NSes from the NSset specified in the hosting plan.
    2. using domain registered elsewhere.
    In this case the customer should point the domain to the provider NSes.

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