What’s New in Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.3 webinar delivered

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    Watch our latest "What's New in Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.3" webinar online to receive an update on all of the new features included in our latest release - PBAS 4.3, including:
    • Integration with Parallels Plesk Automation(PPA)
    • Centralized email / antivirus / anti-spam solution (Powered by PPA),
    • Centralized database solution (Powered by PPA),
    • Support for the latest Parallels Cloud Server 6,
    • Support for MySQL 5.x,
    • Many other product improvements.
    Craig Bartholomew presented the new features and technologies of Parallels Plesk Automation, including new shared hosting services with centralized email.
    In addition, Jacquie Milam from Jelastic, explained how hosting companies such as Layershift and Planeetta Internet, who are both PBAS customers, have created an additional revenue stream by integrating their hosting infrastructure with Jelastic Java cloud platform.

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: When the new PBAS store will be ready?
    A: New store is expected to be released in Q1 2013. Beta version will be available for download in January.

    Q: How many servers are necessary to start with PPA?
    A: We would recommend starting from 3 – Management Node; Web Node; Mail Node. If you support both Linux and Windows hosting, add the 4-th one for IIS server.

    Q: Is there any migration utility for WHCMS to PBAS?
    A: No, we don’t have it in the plans yet. However, there is Export/Import manager in PBAS that allows to import accounts and subscriptions.

    Q: Where and when can I learn more about your full PBAS and PPA road map?
    A: Complete details will be provided at Parallels Summit in Las Vegas. Please register after this webinar at: http://www.parallels.com/summit/2013/
    Discount code ATGNM73F
    Save $100 if registered by December 31

    Q: Is new PBAS PA-DSS compliant?
    A: PBAS is not PA-DSS certified. We commend to use payment plug-ins with tokenization support to avoid PCI compliance concerns. In this case credit card information is not processed on PBAS side and at the same time tokenization payment plugins allow to charge recurring fees automatically.
    Currently, there are three plug-ins that support tokenization in PBAS:
    - PayPal Adaptive
    - SagePay (Protx)
    - Authorize.Net CIM
    Information about how to create own payment plugins that will support tokenization is provided in PBAS SDK.

    Q: You said renewal order isn't generated if domain is transferred away. What happens to the subscription status? Does it automatically terminate or does it still become graced, expired, terminated etc.?
    A: The subscription still becomes graced, expired, etc.

    Q: Can you install PBAS 4.3 on a 64 bit CentOS ?
    A: PBAS works inside 32 bit container on a 64 bit host node. PBAS 4.3 supports external MySQL 5.x database running on a dedicated 64 bit server.

    Q: We are being told by Parallels to update to a modern operating system and retire all CentOS5 installs (PCS team / etc) ... yet you're releasing PBAS4.3 and saying it will only work in CentOS5 ?
    A: Support for CentOS6/RHEL6 is planned for next major release.

    Q: Is this the right time for us to start testing PPA and preparing for deployment?
    A: Absolutely! All new PBAS features and improvements related to service provisioning will come from PPA. It's the RIGHT time to step in and start sending enhancement requests, bug reports and suggestions, so the product we develop meets all your business needs.

    Q: Is PPA included in the revenue share license?
    A: PBAS revenue share program only covers PBAS licenses. You still pay for PPA at discounted rate.

    Q: Can we get you to deploy this for us from scratch? PBAS/PPA/Plesk?
    A: Yes. Please contact your account manager and he will introduce you to one of our SIs.

    Q: How can I signup for PPA Rapid Deployment Program?
    A: Please signup for Parallels Plesk Automation Rapid Deployment Program by sending email to Ted Hu at: thu@parallels.com

    Q: Give me a link where I can download PPA.
    A: http://www.parallels.com/products/plesk-automation/get-it-now/

    Q: How updates are installed in PPA? Do you provide CLI and UI for update process?
    A: Read http://forum.parallels.com/showthread.php?t=264768.

    Q: When is integration with VMware coming? What about the integration to provisioning, management (upgrade, downgrade resources) and billing of VMWare Virtual Machines from PBAS?
    A: We have no dates to share now about Virtualization technologies other than Xen. We will support VPS hosting with Xen and Parallels Cloud Server in mid-2013. We will notify our Partners of dates for other Virtualization technologies when we have them.

    Q: Is this "free unlimited support" a conscious move away from the "recently introduced" (2-3 years ago) number of incidents per partner?
    A: Free Unlimited Support is a conscious move to give the best possible Support experience to Professional Hosters. It is a factor in our decision to require Plesk Unlimited Dedicated Licenses – where we believe we can afford to provide a top quality support experience. In less expensive offers – such as Plesk 10 domains or Plesk 100 domains – we cannot afford this and that will be a trade-off (paid support) you’ll have to consider even outside of PPA requirements. Note that all Plesk Unlimited Dedicated licenses – in PPA (where they are required) and outside PPA will get Free Unlimited Support.

    Q: Does only the PPA node need a Plesk Unlimited license or do all nodes (webnodes, centralized DB nodes, centralized e-mail nodes) need those unlimited licenses? Can you use 10 clients license? Is there a cost for PPA Monthly?
    A: Correct, you need Parallels Plesk unlimited dedicated leased licensed for PPA MN, Web and Email node. It costs $39.99 before partner discount per server, per month. You can not use 10 domains license or 100 domains license. You do not need a Plesk license on the DB node. In addition to Monthly Lease licenses, Parallels now sells discounted 1 Year, 2 Year, and 3 Year licenses for Plesk Unlimited Dedicated on www.parallels.com in our Online Store

    Q: Can you run PPA MN inside a Container using PVC or PCS?
    A: Sure. It doesn't matter where the Management Node or Service Node is running. But remember that you need a Dedicated Unlimited Plesk license on those nodes.

    Q: Can you use VMs or VPS Containers for PPA nodes?
    A: Yes, you can. But remember that you need a Dedicated Unlimited Plesk license for Email, Web nodes. No license is required for Database node.

    Q: When will PPA support VPS provisioning? What are the benefits to switch VPS provisioning to PPA VPS module?
    A: VPS module in PPA will be developed next year (roughly in mid-203). The main reason to switch to PPA VPS module is 3d party virtualization support. We will start with Xen support. Others will follow but dates are TBD.

    Q: If we have a standalone SmarterMail server already can we use that? If we already have a stand alone smarter mail server that is not a part of Plesk can we use that, or do we have to use Plesk and the SmarterMail license from Plesk instead?
    A: We are preparing SmarterMail connector. Will be published in December. You'll be able to use your current SM instance.

    Q: How about 3rd party email: open xchange, atmail, or horde?
    A: The 3rd party webmail system will be configurable in PPA similar to the way they are currently configurable in Plesk

    Q: Will the PPA SaaS services module support ALL APS Packages available @ APSStandard.org?
    A: The SaaS module will be built to support the next generation of APS – called APS2 – which has significant new capabilities that will allow even more Services to run and integrate better. It is designed to be backwards-compabible, so it should support all APS Packages on APSStandard.org. Compared to Plesk, which is optimized for running Web Apps, PPA will allow running richer Services and SaaS offerings.

    Q: What about clustering and load balance of email across the "cluster" nodes ? (for example)
    A: We have no near plans to build an email cluster ourselves. Instead we are publishing the integration techniques, which allow attaching a 3rd party mail solution to PPA, which may have clustering as its own feature.

    Q: Our customers are using mail.$domain as their POP3/IMAP server ... if we move them onto the email node cluster, are their POP3/IMAP requests proxied to the correct back end node ?
    A: Yes, we have the same DNS record in the zones created by PPA.

    Q: How many web/service nodes would you recommend as a maximum for each PPA management node?
    A: There is no limitation on the number of service nodes. The most important is the number of simultaneous user sessions in the customer control panel. For that you’ll have to configure your management node appropriately by allowing a required number of child processes for the panel and sizing your node RAM accordingly.

    Q: Is it possible to cluster/load balance this management node so that we don’t have a single point of failure?
    A: We don't have clustered solution for the management node. However, if you install it on the new PCS (cloud server with cloud storage), you'll have a protected solution with automatic failover

    Q: The main question about PCS is the same as I can't correctly position it in comparison with PVC. Is there is a PVC road map available? Will there also be a new virtuozzo version or will you only develop PCS in future?
    A: PCS is the new version of PVC and PSBM combined.

    Q: Will you provide utilities to migrate a VMware VMs to PCS VMs?
    A: Tool for migration of VMware VMs to PCS VMs is available.

    Q: Do you recommend upgrading all our PVC nodes to PCS? Can we test PCS before upgrading?
    A: Yes, we recommend to upgrade your PBAS to version 4.3 and then upgrade all your PVC nodes to PCS.
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    Hi Victor, could you please update us on this?

    Q: When the new PBAS store will be ready?
    A: New store is expected to be released in Q1 2013. Beta version will be available for download in January.
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    We are planning to publish it this Wednesday.
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    Looking forward to it already Victor. We can't wait until there's a defined migration program from Hsphere to PPA.

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