What has happened to PPA?

Discussion in 'Plesk Automation Suggestions and Feedback' started by GrantN, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. GrantN

    GrantN Kilo Poster

    I cannot get any responses from anyone to upgrade my license, I have now run out of websites and can no longer add new clients.

    I have just noticed that PPA has now been completely removed from the odin site, that worries me, a lot. Any reason for this?
  2. JanPPP

    JanPPP Kilo Poster

    You still can make upgrade from Odin shop, or not?
  3. SteveITS

    SteveITS Tera Poster

    central.odin.com connects to central.plesk.com and while we can manage our Virtuozzo licenses there, you're right that PPA is now not listed.
  4. acruse2

    acruse2 Bit Poster

    Odin management node licensing is at https://shop.odin.com:8443, though I'm having trouble logging in there at the moment, so who knows. Service node licensing used to be at https://shop.plesk.com:8443 but seemingly isn't anymore after they moved billing to Cleverbridge.

    Edit: PPA management node licensing is at https://shop.odin.com/login

    The ability to purchase anything additional appears to be gone.
  5. SteveITS

    SteveITS Tera Poster

    We never used the shop.odin.com site...our central.plesk.com login fails there.

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