What are plesk clients and domains, nowhere seems to define what these actually are?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChristianCh, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. ChristianCh

    ChristianCh Kilo Poster

    I know this may seem a really dumb question, but we're somewhat stumped here with this.

    We're looking to setup a shared hosting environment to sell hosting (apache on linux, IIS on windows), mail, DB and DNS hosting with registration.

    We have been advised we need a PBAS/PPA setup along with the hosting nodes of Plesk.

    However, when we come to try and setup Resellers, they only seem to be able to resell our packages from PBAS. Yet we know we can setup Plesk resellers in PPA and Plesk Panel, and they then sell these resources on in their own packages to their customers.

    We've seen references to Plesk Client and Domains in the Billing manager of PBAS, but this seems separate from PPA which we have been informed is what we need for our centralised offering to our customers.

    Could someone here explain what is the difference between the two elements of Clients and Domains in respect to Plesk.

    Have we not made it clear enough on what we want and therefore bought the wrong products? As mentioned above we require:

    1) Centralised panel for customer access to multiple subscriptions, including DNS hosting and registration
    2) Reseller packages to buy resources from the Provider then resell on in their own hosting plans
    3) Linux web hosting, with MySQL DB
    4) Windows web hosting, with MSSQL DB
    5) Mail hosting
  2. vbatraev

    vbatraev Odin Team

    PBAS has integration with:
    1. Plesk (old way)
    2. PPA (new, recommended way)

    In first case:
    Standalone Plesk nodes are registered in PBAS.
    Two types of hosting plans can be provisioned on these nodes:
    1. Plesk Domain
    2. Plesk Client
    The terminology was used in Plesk 9 and below.
    For Plesk 10 and later "Plesk Domain" means - single webspace subscription, for "Plesk Client" subscription a reseller account is created on plesk nodes.

    In case of integration with PPA:
    All infrastructure is managed by PPA, you shouldn't register Plesk nodes in PBAS.
    The integrated solution provides the items you listed:
    PBAS provides centralized control panel and billing.
    Resellers should be created in PBAS. They can either:
    • resell provider's plans
    • purchase resources from provider and then create and sell own plans
  3. ChristianCr

    ChristianCr Kilo Poster

    I've asked this elsewhere but it appears not to have been fully understood.

    On the last element. "purchase resources from provider and then create and sell own plans".

    We have created reseller accounts but now totally stumped as to how to sell these resellers some resources.

    All the PBA-S examples show reselling VPS and other services not shared hosting resources. Is there a document or example somewhere.
  4. FedorK

    FedorK Mega Poster


    For sell shared hosting resources you need:
    As provider:
    1. Create reseller service templete in PPA, please refer to PPA documentation.
    2. Make service templete synchronization in PBAS.
    3. Create reseller hosting plan in PBAS using service templete from p1, allow sell this hosting plan only for resellers (Check "Sell this hosting plan to resellers only" at General Settings during hosting plan creation).

    As reseller:
    1. Go to store as reseller and buy reseller hosting plan.
    2. After subscription for reseller provisioned, login to PPA as reseller (click button "Login to PCP" in RCC from Service Director > Parallels Automation Manager > Nodes).
    3. At PPA side under reseller account create service templates for sell its by reseller.
    4. Go to PBAS RCC and make service templetes synchronization.
    5. Create reseller owned plans and activate it.

    Please make sure that permitions for PPA service nodes allow creation shared hosting for reseller account.
  5. ChristianCr

    ChristianCr Kilo Poster

    Just to be sure how do I know permissions have been set to allow shared hosting for reseller account.

    The only thing I know I have seen about this is restricting nodes to resellers, i.e PPA->Infrastructure->Service Nodes-><NODE>->General->Provisioning Configuration

    If the nodes are restricted it appears that they do not become available for the provider to then use for shared hosting unless we provide ourselves with our own reseller account. Is this correct?
  6. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    In the <NODE>->General->Provisioning Configuration you can designate separate nodes for the provider and for resellers. In this case the provider is already treated as a reseller. You don't need to create a separate reseller account for the provider.

    Andrey Andriatis
    Parallels Plesk Automation Program Manager
  7. ChristianCr

    ChristianCr Kilo Poster

    Do I need to designate nodes for the resellers? (I am presuming you are saying that we are automatically including the provider in any restriction)

    Can we just leave it as "Ready to Provide"?
  8. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    If want to use designated nodes for some resellers, you need to explicitly indicate which nodes are used by whom, including each reseller and the provider.
    An alternative is to use special service templates for a particular reseller. In this case the templates themselves could be bound to specific nodes.
  9. ChristianCr

    ChristianCr Kilo Poster

    In our case we only have the two plesk panel servers. One Windows, One Linux.

    We are not interested in using designated hosts (i.e. separate servers for different resellers), our direct customers and our reseller customers will have to use the same hosts as we only have one of each.

    Can we just leave the nodes as "Ready to Provide?" Or MUST we designate them for resellers? I ask this, as this is what appears to be indicated in the video tutorial http://www.parallels.com/products/plesk-automation/tutorials/ -> Sign Up New Resellers at the 5:50 mark.
    If this is not true then this needs to be noted, also whatever restrictions this provides also needs to be highlighted as well.
  10. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    Sure. If you don't have special servers for resellers, then you should just have them masked as "Ready to provide". All resellers' subscriptions will be put on the same nodes.
  11. ChristianCr

    ChristianCr Kilo Poster

    Thanks, that's one of the key pieces we've need answering.

    As a future thought. What happens if there is a mix of "Ready to provide" nodes and "Restricted" nodes. How do we ensure that the resellers only use nodes that are for them?

    Is this what you mentioned before. Restrict the node, but don't allow any of the resellers on it?

    Or does it come down to what resources are provided as part of the "reseller" template as to which nodes are available for actual use?
  12. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    You can use either of the mechanism or both. Designate nodes to certain resellers or use service templates pointing at the specific nodes. Just keep in mind that the nodes marked as "Ready to provide" are available to everybody, including the resellers, which also have designated nodes. Don't assume that once a reseller was assigned a designated node, their subscriptions can't go elsewhere. They can if there are common nodes, and the provisioning attributes of the service templates match them.
  13. ChristianCr

    ChristianCr Kilo Poster

    Thankyou for the replies, things have become alot clearer now.

    I understand that most people will come from running a Plesk Panel to running PPA and then bolting on PBA-S. We've sort of come the other way. We already have a deal of hosting and need to start with all three. There seems very little documentation that seems to look at setting up a whole new system from scratch and what you need before you start bolting things together.

    What is needed is an IKEA type guide

    1) These are all the bits that are included in the packages
    2) These are all the bits you need on top (licenses, servers, network, public addressing, private network etc)
    3) This is what the finished product should look like

    Now I know parallels has an awful lot of products, you cannot show everything. But from the PPA/PBAS there is very little documentation that I can find. Most of it states "This is the subscription list, it lists the subscriptions", I don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that. Most providers will understand the basic concepts, what they need to know is "This is how you put a template together, this is how the attributes work. Now you sell it by creating a hosting plan in PBAS" etc etc.

    I'm not saying your documentation is useless, but there is an awful lot of subjects missing.

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