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  1. BenKet

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    I am trying to find some guidance/documentation about how to set-up hosting / service plans, in PBAS, for Web Presence Builder. All documentation seems to refer to Sitebuilder. I can't see WPB as a configurable option in the default Plesk Domain hosting plan type. We have a brand new PBAS and Plesk installation and I don't want to have to second guess how to go about this.

    So I also need documentation on the most appropriate deployment approach, apparently there are 3 options : http://www.parallels.com/products/plesk/web-presence-builder/ but I cannot find any more information than this reference to them.

  2. vbatraev

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    There are two integration scenarios for Sitebuilder/WebPresence Builder:
    1st scenario: When SB/WBP is installed as module in Plesk.
    In this case to enable SB/WPB in plesk subscription "Number of Sites published with SiteBuilder (pd_maxsbsites)" resource should be configured in the hosting plan.

    This scenario supported for both Sitebuilder 4.5 and latest WebPresence Builder.

    2nd scenario: When standalone SiteBuilder node is connected to PBAS.

    This scenario is described in the documentation and currently supported for SiteBuilder 4.5 and below only.
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    Thanks, this has resolved my query.

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