VM network not able to access Internet

Discussion in 'Networking Questions' started by Machiasiaweb, Nov 14, 2016.

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    When I add VM under Virtuozzo 7. I have experience that the VM not able to access internet.

    I using below command to add:

    prlctl set vmhost1 --device-add net --type routed --ipadd 111.222.333.444/26 --adapter-type e1000 --configure yes --nameserver

    However, I could not see IP is configed under VM. Even I manually config IP under VM but still no luck.

    Any one know what problem there?

  2. Pavel

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    VM should have guest tools installed for configuration to be applied.

    Please call following command:
    # prlctl installtools VMNAME

    it will insert the iso with the guest tools into the VM. You'll have to open up a VNC connection to the VM to install tools manually. After that - configuration performed via prlctl will work.
    Without Guest Tools there is no way for the VM host to communicate with the guest OS.

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