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    I have a
    CPU 8cores at 2GHz total 16GHz and I want to create a VPS with 4 GHz burst to 8 GHz
    So I am trying to apply the same values to PVA and PBAs

    PVA PBAs Recommended value for PBAs
    cpulimit 400 pcs 50% 8GHz
    cpus 4 pcs 4 pcs 4 pcs
    burst_cpulimit 200 pcs 100 pcs (100 is the max value!!!) 4GHz
    burst_cpu_avg_usage 50% 50% 50%

    AS you can notice PBAs and PVA have already different values in cpulimit. But in burst_cpulimit PBAs has a limitation. PBAs should allow the maximum value that PVA also allows (16000).
    So PBAs does not allow to create a CT with burst_cpulimit more than 2 GHz when PVA does!
    As for the cpulimit now PBAs calculates the presentence of the total CPU power of the HN and sends the pcs to PVA.
    e.g. PBAs does the following calculation
    HN_cores * PBAs_cpulimit_value
    But although burst_cpulimit uses the same logic PBA does not use the calculation mentioned

    I recommend to use the following calculation for both cpulimit and burst_cpulimit until PVA directly accepts GHz as value
    100 *PBAs_cpulimit_value / HN_CPU_frequency

    With the algorithm I have mentioned when PBAs migrate the ct to another HN could calculate again the pcs PVA needs according to the new HN_CPU_frequency and always have the cpu frequency we have promised to the client no matter the frequency of HN.

    I know that Virtuozzo does not support Frequency as value but it does not support percentage of total CPU frequency.
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    PBAS will support CPU limits in GHz for Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 once it will be released.
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    Can you specify the CPU limits for PSBA?

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