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    Would you please help me with this question?

    I have a hardware node with 28 GB of ram installed and 15 Containers running inside it, Every container has 4 GB ram, So, if I want to create new container with 8 gb of ram, Is that possible or not?
    and what is the max value of ram for containers.

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    It strictly depends on actual memory consumption inside of containers.
    Technically it's possible, but I cannot guarantee that server will be working fine with a such oversell. In order to understand whether it is possible or not - check meory consumption on a host node during peak hours. If even during the highest load you have 8-9 Gbs free you can consider it to be acceptable.
    As for the max ram for a container - it can be as large as node's, there's no strict limit. Trick is whether you actually have sufficient amount of free ram and whether CT in question actually wants to use it all.

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