Virtuozzo 7 Testing Environment

Discussion in 'Installation, Update and Configuration' started by Machiasiaweb, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Machiasiaweb

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    I am now evaluate Virtuozzo 7. But it looks like not allow me to install at as a VM under PCS 6 or Vmware. Is it I must install with hardware node? It is hardly to have free hardware resource available to test.

  2. Pavel

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    It can be installed anywhere, however PCS 6 does not support nested virtualization - which means you'll be able to run only containers in VZ7 installed inside of a vz6 virtual machine.
    VMware ESX and VZ7 both support nested virtualization, so you can evaluate it there freely.
    If you experience any issues with the installation of vz7 I'd recommend you to contact support to investigate it.

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