Virtual Machine with qcow2 or img file

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    I'm trying to create a VM with a qcow2 or img file as the HDD. I tried the following

    prlctl create coreos -o linux --no-hdd
    Creating the virtual machine...
    Generate the VM configuration for centos.
    Remove the hdd0 device.
    prlctl set coreos --device-add hdd --image coreos1.qcow2
    The folder /root/coreos1.qcow2 does not exist. Specify another folder and try again.
    Creating hdd0 (+) scsi:0 image='/root/coreos1.qcow2' type='expanded' 65536Mb subtype=virtio-scsi

    PrlVmDev_CreateImage: The hard disk image file cannot be created. The virtual hard disk image file named /root/coreos1.qcow2 already exists.
    Failed to configure the virtual machine

    Is there some trick to this that needs documenting?
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    Have you seen an answer on


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