vhost default files create by apache restart

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schneidi, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. Schneidi

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    System details:
    Betriebssystem‪Debian 7.10‬
    Plesk Version12.5.30 Update #28

    I do not know when it start exactly but since some weeks/month i have the issue that when i restart my Apache Service over Plesk (Console all fine) Plesk generate all default files/folders like a new Domain when i do any changes which cause a Apache reboot over Plesk.

    The Problem is 1st index.html files will be read and all Site with an index.php are not working any more, i could change it over by Apache config but i do ot want that Plesk writes any files in exists Sites also not any test files where someone can read out my PHP or Apache setting.

    In generell how can i disable this Plesk function to write any default files in any vhost folder ? Also for a new domain, i do not need this function, it is absolutely useless for me.

    So i do not want a solution for my issue it self i want to know how can i disable this function at all.

    Thank you

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