Using prlctl to force a vm to stop?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jonhsame, Oct 21, 2016.

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    I have Parallels Server for Mac installed with 6 VMs running. One of which is a Win 03 Server VM and it's stuck in a 'shutting down' state. The icon is grey and spinning on the left side of the Parallels Management Console.

    I've tried:
    prlctl stop "vm name"
    Stopping the VM...
    PrlDevDisplay_ConnectToVm: PrlJob_Wait returned the following error: Operation timeout.

    I've tried:
    prlctl stop "vm name" --kill
    Stopping the VM...
    Failed to stop the VM: Unable to complete the operation. This operation cannot be completed because the virtual machine "W03 Mobiletma" is in the "stopping" state.

    is there a way to FORCE the VM to stop without disrupting the other running VMs?


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  2. Pavel

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    Hello John,

    There is one way.
    Step 1: Find VM's UUID:
    # prlctl list %VMNAME%

    First column would be UUID.

    Step 2: Find VM's PID
    # ps aux | grep %UUID%

    Step 3: Kill the process
    # kill -9 %PID%

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