Use question: Does Apache node have to be Postfix mail node?

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  1. eugenevdm

    eugenevdm Guru

    I have a question. We have a Service Node which roles are:

    "Apache web server / Postfix mail server"

    We have a separate Service Node which sole function is Postfix mail server.

    I would prefer that my Apache servers are just plain Apache servers, instead of mail nodes as well. Of course at the same time all my Apache websites must be able to send e-mail.

    The question is:

    Does my Apache server really have to be a Postfix mail server? Or will it know how to handle SMTP out?
  2. Andrey Dobrenko

    Andrey Dobrenko Odin Team

    Hi eugenevdm,

    There are several ways. First of all, most web applications provides possibility to define SMTP server and its parameters and application will send mails through that SMTP server. But some applications doesn't work with SMTP and send emails through utility "/usr/sbin/sendmail". So, the second way is to configure sendmail on web node and modify postfix config file "/etc/postfix/" on mail node to allow to relay mails from particular IPs. We have a task to configure SMTP on web node automatically during of registration the one into PPA. It will be done soon.

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