Use Mail Node with spam filtering appliance

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  1. craigueH

    craigueH Kilo Poster

    We want to configure our PPA mail node to send all outbound mail through our spam filtering appliance but don't know where to start.

    Reading standard Postfix docs give basic instructions on how to direct a handful of domains through a mail relay but we want to direct every outbound email from all domains through our spam filter.

    We also want to ensure that any regular updates to the mail node won't break or undo this config.

    Anybody got any pointers?
  2. RodolfoE

    RodolfoE Kilo Poster

    On the mail nodes set the relayhost to the appliance hostname/IP:

    relayhost =
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  3. craigueH

    craigueH Kilo Poster

    Thanks, that did the trick nicely.

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