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  1. Banko

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    Hello everyone,

    I currently run my servers on PLESK for windows, and was trying to find a system to fully intigrate an online store with my PLESK control panels. I am really really interested in HSPcomplete and all the features that it offers, but here is my problem.

    I know absolutely nothing about Linux based servers, and as much as i would love to learn them, I cant do it at the expense of my customers.

    I guess what i am asking is...........

    Is there a Windows equilivent of HSPcomplete?
    If not, is the HSPcomplete Server pretty stable, and self running?
    What kind of learning curve should I expect if i get into Linux based servers... specifically running HSPcomplete?
  2. web-vision

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    Try to contact sales department of sw-soft, they could help you.

    The german branch helped me a lot to get a running demo version of HSPC on a new box. And at the moment we are just waiting for getting our modernbill accounts migrated to HSPC.



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