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    I've been working for about a year now on this upgrade... I've yet to have one go smoothly.

    So I did a clean install of PBAS, totally re-wrote the website and separated it to a separate server with a firewall between PBAS and the webserver.
    All good now. The new site/store is working with a clean install.

    I need to test the upgrade process now. I've cloned the existing PBAS server, and want to test out installing 6 versions of PBAS to bring it up to date.
    But I can't get into it to set the security key for the website due to license issues. At first I moved it to a different server, applied the updates then tried to bring it up and had a license issue.
    Now I just duplicated the container, set it to a private IP (so it doesn't start sending out emails to customers) and locked it down so that only my PC can connect to it.
    But I still can't get into it because of license constraints.

    What can I do to test performing upgrades so I can be proactive about the problems I know I'm going to have?
    I'm on the same server, same hardware node, just new container.

    I plan to eventually deploy on a new install of OpenVZ.

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