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    We're trying to use a single set of DNS for PBAS and PPA, how can we accomplish this?

    Can we setup PBAS to use PPA dns, or can we setup PPA to use PBAS dns?

    We don't want to have two sets of dns, one for PBAS and another one for PPA.
  2. vbatraev

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    PBAS should be used as primary DNS set.

    Steps to connect PPA to PBAS are described below. For details refer to PBAS Providers Guide can be found here.

    1. [In PPA] Configure PPA system parameters in System > Settings > System Properties
    2. [In PPA] Allow access to PPA Public API from PBAS node at System > Settings > Public API Manager
    3. [In PBAS] Register PPA node in PBAS
    4. [In PPA] Setup DNS synchronization:
    There is a DNS hosting resource in PPA. In this resource its specified what name server should be used for DNS management. The default configuration is to use PPA.
    After PPA node registration in PBAS, PBAS can be selected as NS in the resource.
    So, you should either:
    - update existing resource (specify PBAS as first NS instead of the default one) [recommended]
    - create new "DNS hosting" resource and specify PBAS as first NS in it (in this case you need to include new resource in service templates)

    5. [In PBAS] Synchronize service templates from the PPA node
    6. [In PBAS] Create new Hosting Plan
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    I confirm that I can see the PBAS name servers under DNS Hosting resource in PPA.

    And does PBAS have its own BIND packages or it's up to the provider to manage the BIND instances with system packages?
  4. vbatraev

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    PowerDNS running on PBAS management node is used as master NS.
    You should register two slave name servers in PBAS:
    1. create two separate containers on different nodes
    2. register them as NSes from PCC > Service Director > Domain Manager > Name Servers (PBAS should configure bind automatically there).
    3. then add these NSes to NS Set
    4. use the NS set in you domain registration/hosting plans.

    Zones from PBAS MN (PowerDNS) will be automatically propagated to manageable slave NSes(BIND).

    For more information please refer to PBAS documentation.
    If I'm not mistaken name servers configuration also covered by video tutorials.

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