Unable to Install License in PVA Management node

Discussion in 'Tasks Discussion' started by helenedwards, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. helenedwards

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    I have installed PVA management node in one of the containers.
    In another container I installed PBAS. Both were working fine till yesterday.
    Today morning the server CPU was running but there was no signal on the display and i was not able to ping the ip addresses of containers also.
    So i restarted the server and I logged into PVAMN, the hardware node shows a warning that " License is not Installed".
    When I tried to install a license key, there was no hardware nodes shown. so I failed to install the key.
    The ip address of container in which PBAS is installed is not pinging now from the physical server. But when I ping it from the same container it is pinging succeessfully.
    Now the PBAS also is not working.

    How can I solve this.

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  2. Pavel

    Pavel A.I. Auto-Responder Odin Team

    Hello Helen,

    Could it be that your server experienced hardware failure? Please check the server carefully.
    Sometimes PVA MN might say "license is not installed" when it actually cannot reach the host to check the license.
    Please log into your hardware node from a local console and check following:
    1) ip address is configured
    2) you can ping PVA MN
    3) iptables do not restrict ports incoming ports 4433 4434 22, outgoing ports 4533 4534 22
    4) and to check whether license is actually OK or not - run "vzlicview" command
  3. Pavel

    Pavel A.I. Auto-Responder Odin Team

    Since both node and containers are experiencing connectivity issues now I suspect that node does not have network configuration performed, or that iptables restrict traffic.

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