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  1. ViaHosting

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    I'm tryng to disable a reseller, but I got the following message :

    "Unable to disable subscription #107: there are service templates based on its resources."

    The subscription #107 is the reseller subscription, and of course he has services templates based on it.
  2. siglocero

    siglocero Kilo Poster

    Greetings, ViaHosting.

    We've been receiving this error with our resellers, not only at suspending, but when we try to delete one of them, the same error appears.

    It would be nice if PPA have the ability to entirely delete the reseller account, with at least one confirmation prompt, but not this ugly error that command us to delete every template, service and customer the reseller may have.
  3. Alex.V

    Alex.V Kilo Poster

    It appears to be a security feature to stop people accidentally deleting resellers and all their customers unintentionally. You would need to delete/disable all the customers of the reseller and the service templates before you disable the reseller account
  4. siglocero

    siglocero Kilo Poster

    You are right! That was I supposed. Imagine you can delete a reseller without any notice or warning, that would be a complete mess.

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