Unable to add domain that was deleted by client by accident

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    A client is trying to add a domain that was accidentally deleted when he deleted an account, but now when adding the domain again it is not adding it. The task in CP fails. If I manually try delete the domain I get this error:

    [root@ns1 bin]# ./domain --remove domain.com
    An error occurred during domain removal: Unable to remove domains: Package with UID '8972ffa7-50fb-4dbc-8639-bf08caee425d' not found.

    In mysql I see the domain is still in the db so something did not go right when the client deleted the hosting package, and now it is in limbo as the domain cannot be re-added.
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    So the customer deleted the domain, but PPA has not fully removed it from the database?
    Are you running latest PPA 11.5 update 2?

    You could try searching the PPA Database for the domain name and see can you remove any reference to it. However Parallels advertise free support with paid PPA licenses, so I recommend you open a ticket to Parallels as this could be a bug.

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