Ultimate Plesk Nameserver Guide

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    awesome documentation man!
  3. jaredweb

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    thanks alot!

    Well as a newbie to dedicated servers, I struggled with setting up the nameservers correctly. I got info from tons of people and now that I have a good handle on everything I figured that it was time to give back. Hope others get good use of it.
  4. Griffith

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    Do I have to make a-records for ns1.jaredweb.com and ns2.jaredweb.com for EVERY domain, or is it enough that I have those a-records in the domain jaredweb.com... so.. If I make a new domain.. testdomain.com, I don't need to add a-records for ns1.jared.... and ns2.jaredweb.com in the dns for testdomain.com?
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    very nice guide! it deserves a place in the how to section...
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    A records

    If you setup the server DNS correctly as shown in my example, Plesk will automatically create the DNS for each domain. So in the server DNS make sure that you have 2 NS records. They would look something like this..

    .<domain> NS ns1.yourdomain.com
    .<domain> NS ns2.yourdomain.com

    what this is telling the server is that for every domain created, you want it's nameservers set to ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com. You can test this by creating any domain, then looking at it's DNS.
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    That link seems to be down, any feedback or alternate location?
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    I will have it back up monday afternoon. Any questions regarding plesk DNS can be sent to sales@jaredweb.com and I will reply soon after with help! Sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. CosmicD

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    I would like to ask a question in hope that dns/plesk experts can give some additional info here, especially about PTR records...

    question 1.. Does it matter what ip's you assign as name servers ? Can you also assing the last 2 of your range, instead of the first 2.

    questioon 2, isn't it better to insert all PTR's for all domains in the first record of the domain that you also use as dns server ? that way you can leave out the ptr template out of the default settings so no <ip>/24 template is being made in every domain you make, so this will prevent PTR pollution completely if you are able to delegate your own PTR's like I do.. my co locator is delegation master so they'll assign stuff to me...
  10. jimroe

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    Bind listens on all IPs bound to your NIC, so it doesn't matter which IP addresses you use for nameservers. Of course you DO want to make sure that you pick ones you won't be changing as nameservers must be registered and you don't want to keep having to change this.

    I delete all PTR records for all name-based domains except for one, because if you don't, then you'll end up with MANY records in the reverse lookup zone, all pointing to the same IP, which makes little sense, and may be confusing in mail headers. Since you probably do more name-based hosting than IP based hosting, it may make sense to you to delete the PRT record from the template, and add a PTR manually for IP based domains.
  11. CosmicD

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    Do you really need an IP based hosting in order for the ptr to be visible on irc servers ? (I guess you know where i'm going :p)

    lets say I have 3 domais

    host2.be and host3.be, but only host1.be is a name server , but host 2 and host 3 are all name based , without an ip..

    but I have 8 ip's... , and they can all be filled up because in reality i have enough domain names that have sites to them on the same shared ip, but I'd like to assign a ptr to each ip reflecting that host

    ip1 would become core.host1.be
    ip2 would become somethingiwouldliketosee.host2.be (but host2.be only has a shared webspace, and no dedicated ip really..

    is this possible?

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