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  1. TonyDas

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    I want to transfer my clients (mail, web databses) and PPA control panel to new servers (at a new DC with new ip addresses).

    What would be the recommended method to do this and how can it be done?

    I was thinking perhaps moving the client content first and then the PPA management panel ...
    Are there scripts that can automate this?
  2. TonyDas

    TonyDas Kilo Poster


    Has anybody ever done this?
  3. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    Hi, TonyDas,

    How many customers do you have? What type of hosting do you have - just Linux or both Linux and Windows?
    Do you use a separate internal network for communications between the management and service nodes?

    The reason I am asking is that we don't have the automated procedure to do everything automagically. In any case this will be a manual and time consuming exercise.

    We are about to publish an update, which will have:
    a) the script to change IP of the management node;
    b) the scripts to move Apache webspaces between the nodes.

    1. If you can establish connection between the Management Node in the new location an old Service Nodes, then I would suggest transferring the Management Node first. If it sits on some virtualization technology, just move the entire VM to the new node. If you have to transfer it manually, install the new MN, and then copy MN DBs from the old instance. There are PostgreSQL DB of POA and MySQL DBs from Plesk and SSO server. Our developers will give you the details.

    2. Change the IP of the Management Node by using the script mentioned above.

    3. Regenerate certificates for SN connections and make sure that the MN at the new location works.

    4. Create and register new name serves, so that all zone updates would go into the new NS-s.

    5. Attach new web servers and move Apache webspaces with the help of our scripts.

    6. We don't have scripts yet to move the mail servers. You can copy the context of Postfix server(s), and our developers will help you with the scripts of changing mail IPs directly in the database.

    If you are ready to proceed, please drop an email at, and we'll go from there.

    Andrey Andriatis
    Parallels Plesk Automation Program Manager

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