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    Having followed installation guide for OpenVSwitch (Although modified instructions)

    The only modification to use use anything which was set to eth0 I have changed to Bond0, I dont know if it supports bonding however working with that at present.

    My Host is connected and appears to be working, this server has PCS 6 install as both Client, Chunk and Metadata.

    Chunks and Metadata working perfectly.

    Client mounted successfully to /pstorage

    However, when I Create a VM (I will be using Hypervisor, not containers on this host) My VM is unable to connect to the network. Windows 2012 Datacenter.

    I selected the Intel adapter in PVA, but regarding configuring networking to connect to the interface provided by the switch, I have no idea how to enable PVA to do this. And there appears to be no documentation to accompany this. Although I can confirm that there is a new port appeared in

    ]# vznetcfg if list
    Name             Type       Network ID       Addresses
    vme5f2fd2b9.0    veth                             ######### THIS APPEARED ONCE MY VM MOUNTED.
    br-bond0         bridge                      213.146.XXXXXXX/23,fe80::21e:4fff:fe3f:6c97/64
    bond0            nic                         fe80::21e:4fff:fe3f:6c97/64
    vi0              bridge
    br0              bridge     Host-Only,fdb2:2c26:f4e4::1/64,fe80::94f5:c3ff:fe8d:6f44/64
    br1              bridge     Default,fdb2:2c26:f4e4:1::1/64,fe80::b825:a3ff:feb9:aa47/64
    br-eth0          bridge
    eth1             nic
    eth0             nic
    How can I make sure that :

    1) My new ports connect through bond0 (This is a balance-rr bond)
    2) Configure PVA to allow me to specify to use openvswitch.

    Kind Thanks
  2. IP^__^

    IP^__^ Odin Team

    Hello Keith,

    After following the documentation and reboot you need to perform the following command:
    # vznetcfg init all

    After that all bridges will be automatically Open vSwitch bridges.
    To allow the VM or CT to use Open vSwitch bridges you should simply select assign it's adapter to any bridged network on your host.

    From my test environment:
    [root@ip ~]# ovs-vsctl show
    Bridge "br-eth0"
    Port "veth-eth0.0"
    Interface "veth-eth0.0"
    Port "eth0"
    Interface "eth0"
    Port "br-eth0"
    Interface "br-eth0"
    type: internal
    Bridge "br1"
    Port "veth-eth0.1"
    Interface "veth-eth0.1"
    Port "veth999.0"
    Interface "veth999.0"
    Port "br1"
    Interface "br1"
    type: internal
    Port "veth777.1"
    Interface "veth777.1"
    Bridge "br2"
    Port "br2"
    Interface "br2"
    type: internal
    Bridge "br0"
    Port "br0"
    Interface "br0"
    type: internal
    ovs_version: "1.5.0"

    The main point - you should see there something like "Port "veth-bond0.*".

    Also I would like to pay your attention that due to the bug you should perform "vznetcfg init all" each time you will start the Hardware Node, otherwise all VMs and containers will not have the network.

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