Sync secondary name server zones to primary server

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    I have two servers with Plesk, unfortunately I'm not a pro, so sorry if my question is stupid. The first server functions as a primary server with with many domains. Before that this server was the primary and the secondary names server.

    I had to purchase an other server, with a new license, so I decided I will use it as a secondary name server.

    On the primary server I installed the "Slave Manager" extension, and configured it on the primary server using the tutorial at

    It looks like everything is ok, when I add a domain on the primary server:

    transfer of '' from Transfer completed: 1 messages, 22 records, 519 bytes, 0.012 secs (43250 bytes/sec)

    On the secondary server I added a new domain, and used DIG to get info about the domain on the primary name server, but unfortunately:

    NS not responding or not authoritative

    It looks like the secondary doesn't sync to the primary. Is it the normal behaviour? How can I sync the the records on the secondary server to the primary?

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