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    We are running OBAS and Plesk Automation ("PA"), when a customer makes a change to DNS in PA it syncs to OBAS without any issues, but when a customer makes a change to DNS in OBAS the change is not synced to PA.

    Is it possible for changes to be synced back to PA? If not can support for this be added, as often it can be confusing for customers to have a DNS management interface on the OBAS side, and one on the PA side, so ideally we would be looking to remove the DNS tab for the PA navigation so customers only need to manage DNS in one place.

    Thank you
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    For Plesk subscriptions OBAS shows warning in CP > All My Domains > [Domain] > DNS Zone Tab, with the following content:
    Warning: The domain '' has been assigned to subscription ''. According to subscription settings Plesk DNS is set as primary source for DNS data synchronization. Please use Plesk native interfaces for DNS zone management. To do this please change the system (subscription) being managed to '' (if you have several subscriptions) and go to Services > DNS

    For PPA DNS settings may vary from template to template, and we cannot determine DNS master in this case. So the only one solution I can see right now - edit Notice for DNS Zone Tab for PPA, to show some similar warning for PPA customers.

    Regarding backward sync of DNS from OBAS to PPA - we do not plan to do this, and such option never exists even for Plesk.

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