sync app from PBA "Failed to upload and install"

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by dlenn845, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. dlenn845

    dlenn845 Kilo Poster

    trying to sync two apps to windows 2k3 vz server from PBA. I have app templates installed into pba, but they will not sync to node... Both are getting the same thing, any help would be appreciated


    2009/04/22 14:52:57] [DEBUG] [14114] [HSPC::VZAgent::vza_get_connection] [VZI/Common]: no cached connection to Node #13 - connecting
    [2009/04/22 14:52:58] [DEBUG] [14114] [HSPC::Action::VZAgent::hw_sync_pkg] VZA upload directory - $SESSION$
    [2009/04/22 14:52:58] [DEBUG] [14114] [HSPC::Action::VZAgent::hw_sync_pkg] Upload full path - dotnet3.0_frmwk_20070912_en_x86.efd
    [2009/04/22 14:52:58] [INFO] [14114] [HSPC::VZAgent::FMGate::_send_packet] Sending command 'upload' to VZA
    [2009/04/22 14:52:58] [INFO] [14114] [HSPC::VZAgent::FMGate::_send_packet] Packet sent
    [2009/04/22 14:54:49] [WARN] [14114] [HSPC::Action::VZAgent::hw_sync_pkg] Failed to set template dotnet3.0_frmwk_20070912_en_x86.efd to hardware node #13
    [2009/04/22 14:54:49] [DEBUG] [14114] [HSPC::Action::call_by_hw_obj] [VZI/Action]: Call HSPC::Action::VZAgent::hw_sync_pkg Node #13() RETURNED:[1218]
    [2009/04/22 14:54:49] [DEBUG] [14114] [HSPC::ErrorStack::set_last_error] [ErrorStack]: 66754
    [2009/04/22 14:54:49] [WARN] [14114] [HSPC::AD::AppInstall::__raise_error]
    [2009/04/22 14:54:49] [ERROR] [14114] [HSPC::AD::AppInstall::__report_error] Failed to upload and install template /vz/tmplrep/dotnet3.0_frmwk_20070912_en_x86.efd to hardware node #13 see error code 1218 in VZAgent Developer's Guide
  2. dlenn845

    dlenn845 Kilo Poster

    almost 200 views and zero replies, is that because everyone else is having the same issue and there is no solution, or is there a solution and I missed it?
  3. Anatoliy Pylypchuk

    Anatoliy Pylypchuk Bit Poster


    The error means that this template is already installed on the Virtuozzo server. Perhaps, you have installed it manually using Virtuozzo tools. So, currently, you have to go to the Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Nodes, select the correspondent node and go to the "Application" tab. Then press "Update Synchronization State" and the application will change the status to synced with the node.

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