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  1. hostdeploy

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    Good morning.

    I recently switched from the cPanel / WHM Server to a Plesk Reloaded server. I am VERY new to plesk. With that said, I went ahead and downloaded the manual. However, I am having problems. For example...

    In cPanel to create a New Hosting Plan, you would simply login to WHM and "Create new Package". Then you would create a new account, and assign them to a package, which in turn would set the limits for that user.

    In Plesk, I notice that there is a "Domain Templates" and "Client Templates". Which do I select??? I am really lost. I would just like to create a NEW PACKAGE which sets the end user limites (ie.: x space, x transfer, x subdomains, etc.)

    Could someone please assist me with this. Appreciate any help!

    Brian Samson
  2. PaulC

    PaulC Guru

    You should create a "Client Template". Using this you can quickly assign the number of domains/mailboxes/etc along with disk and bandwidth limits for that client.

    The domains template is used to quickly set a domains limits when setting up a domain (within the client).
  3. hostdeploy

    hostdeploy Guest

    Why then, do I have to set the limits in both the domain template and the client template ? Why does it ask for those limits in both?

    I am sorry, but I really dont understand.

    Should I create a client template, and a domain template? I still am not understanding. I have 3 hosting plans. Do I just create 3 Domain templates and set this limits?

    Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!

  4. PaulC

    PaulC Guru

    The client has some limits assigned, that is there total limits and would be your hosting plan.

    Say you have a plan which is 100Mb Space, 1000Mb Bandwidth.

    You can set the client up with those limits. The client can assign a limit of 100Mb to one of there domains. But, if they had another domain and they try to assign some to that, it wouldnt let them,
    They would have to assign one domain 60Mb, the other 40Mb, etc.... as long as it doesnt add up to over 100Mb!

    Hope I've explained it ok. I went from using Plesk for years to also using cPanel and they are different the way they work, but for me Plesk makes sense and is the easiest to use.
  5. hostdeploy

    hostdeploy Guest

    Thanks for all your help, but there is one more thing.

    When I attempt to create a domain template, Under the limits heading, it asks for the Disk Space. Then, under Physical hosting, it asks for Hard disk quota. This again seems like its asking for the same information twice.

  6. PaulC

    PaulC Guru

    Disk limit is for the domain name total. This includes Databases/Email/etc

    Physical hosting is the limit for the domains files only, not including the above!
  7. hostdeploy

    hostdeploy Guest

    My customers are given 100mb for the start package. That includes databases, and everything else. So in my case, I would have to type 100 under the limits section, and 100 under the physical hosting section. Correct? Or would I enter 0 under physical hosting?
  8. hostdeploy

    hostdeploy Guest

    Well, no response. I appreciate all your help PaulC! I have a little better understanding now. I actually went ahead and printed the 204 page manual. I only wish they were a bit more specific. Perhaps even add a section, cPANEL TO PLESK: THE CONVERSION. Either way, thanks for the assistance!

    Best Regards,
  9. PaulC

    PaulC Guru


    The way I would do it is:

    Client Limit: 100Mb
    Domain Limit: 100Mb
    Hosting Limit: Unlimted.

    As far as I am aware, that will mean the hosting is unlimited within the 100Mb domain limit. It is all tiered.

    That would give you 100Mb limit for that domains web/logs/sql/mail usage.

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