Supported Windows Updates for version 6.0

Discussion in 'Installation, Configuration and Upgrade' started by ithomas, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. ithomas

    ithomas Tera Poster

    Is there a matrix out there that lists what updates are supported by OS for version 6? I keep finding the page that includes versions 4.6,4.5, etc. and I can't begin the migration of version 4.6 to 6 until I'm sure the QFE's I have installed are supported by VZU6.X. If someone could post the new page, that would be lovely, much appreciated.
  2. Partizan

    Partizan Plesk Developers

    Hi, Thomas. The list of updates is under work at the moment. As you may notice we've splitted into SP and CP parts and that is a reason the matrix could not be done in time. It will appear at the same page as 4.6 is presented under a separate tab soon.
    Sorry for inconveniences :(

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