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  1. TDub

    TDub Kilo Poster

    Can you look at adding the ability to restore a web site to its default state? For example, a customer installs an app or a theme and then doesn't like it. They want to start over from the beginning. The ability to "reset to defaults" would be nice, giving the user the option to start entirely over (delete all mail accounts, databases, etc) or selectively choose which features they want to keep (like databases and/or mail accounts).

    Normally I'd say delete the site and start over, but the default site can't be deleted, only renamed. I guess the user could change the default web site domain name, disable it, then create a new one with the same domain name. But a reset to defaults would be cleaner and easier for a novice.
  2. GregHL

    GregHL Mega Poster

    I would also like the ability to snapshot the PHP configuration - so that we can backup "known good" settings - in case changes then break things - ie, plan updates, upgrades to the hosting cluster etc,etc.
  3. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    I am asking everybody to file new feature suggestions at There are many good ideas. The question is how to prioritize their implementation. The User Voice site allows not only to describe the features, but also to weight their importance.


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