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  1. GregHL

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    I have a subscription which is currently disabling overnight - I thought at first it was WHMCS doing this via the API - but I cannot find logs on WHMCS which would show a suspend event, although I am able to use the Unsuspend button in WHMCS to re-activate the subscription each morning.

    Where in PPA do I find logs on suspensions?

    The subscription does have an Overuse situation, ie, they are using more domains and mailboxes than their subscription plan allows, but the setting on the subscription is "Overuse is allowed" - obviously having to re-activate (unsuspend) the subscription every morning is getting rather "old" now.
  2. Andrew Andriatis

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    Hi, Greg,
    This is a known bug in the current version. To properly set the overuse policy you should log directly into Plesk by using the direct link https://<URL>:8443/plesk-hosting/. Then find the problematic subscription and turn on the overuse in it. The subscription screen in the customer panel displays the overuse value incorrectly.

  3. GregHL

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    ok - thanks Andrey - I'm sure you already know, but the subscription type also shows up incorrectly as a dash "-"

    I am somewhat curious though - even in plesk mode, I see zero items, which I know to be incorrect:
    MySQL database quota - 0 MB used of 0 MB

    Interesting as well that I see mailing lists - and we don't have mailing lists... ;)

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