Starting pleskd: [FAILED]

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  1. Damla22

    Damla22 Kilo Poster

    Hello, i deleted wrongly a service node, so i tried to reregister it but im getting the following error:

    Can not configure agent on host '', reason: 'Stopping pleskd:
    pleskd is stopped

    Starting pleskd: [FAILED]

    STDERR: '.

    Somebody know how i can solve ?
  2. IgorG

    IgorG Guru

    Please check that your service node passes all requirements from this article:

    Also please you this script to check service node:
    /usr/local/ppa/bin/check_service_node --ip <service_node_ip>

    If this does not help, contact Support Team. They will check and fix this issue directly on your server.

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