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  1. tic67

    tic67 Guest

    Can a Domain Admin SSH onto his domain?. I've tried it and all I get is the initial to line on connect and then I'm disconnected :(.

    Any ideas?.


  2. DigitalXWeb

    DigitalXWeb Guest

    Plesk does not add SSH access for any account. This is done from the command line manually. Keep in mind unless you have permissions set correctly anyone with SSH access is free to roam where ever they wish. I would not recommend giving this out unless the client has proof of identification and a good reason for wanting it.

    Just my 2 cents, of course you may do as you wish :D
  3. tic67

    tic67 Guest

    Thanks for the reply. Does this mean that any files that need uncompressed on a domain will need to be done on the clients local machine and the uploaded to the site?.



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