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Discussion in 'Plesk 7.0 Suggestions and Feedback' started by Alojalia, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Alojalia

    Alojalia Kilo Poster

    There are some mistakes in the spanish translations (like the word 'and' translated as 'i' instead of 'y')

    Also all pages of application bault are in english.

    Does anyone know how to translate them? Can I modify them?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Phil@

    Phil@ Tera Poster

    Application vault are third party applications, you should find any information about language files on their specific sites. For tools like sitebuilder or oscommerce there should be spanish language pack available.
  3. Alojalia

    Alojalia Kilo Poster

    The problem is not the own application but the application vault web translation.

    The configuration in the Plesk panel isn`t translated. (the page where passwords and usernames are asked before installing)

    The own applications have (at least the main ones) their translations in their webs, but that`s easier to add than texts in Plesk
  4. marcbote

    marcbote Guest

    Dear Alojalia:
    Have you seen that the spanish LP has been updated in the sw-soft website?
  5. JLChafardet

    JLChafardet Guru

    I am working on the fixes but little time here! soon will be done

    it is not done yet! i am working hard on correcting it! but i have lots of work to do on my local business! it will be fixed soon! swsoft ppl asked me to do it and i am working on it hardly when i can spend time on it! i have fixed many mistakes on the langpack for psa6.x, soon i will receive the langpack for psa7 and i will also fix it!

    best regards,


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