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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feature Requests' started by jamin, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. jamin

    jamin Kilo Poster

    It would be great if PBA was able handle a single Order/Invoice for all subsciptions. I have asked for this feature for 4 years and keep being promised that it is on the list to do. Time now to apply pressure to deveopers to make this a priority. Anyone that has same issue please leave reply so we can put some pressure on Parallels!!
  2. markytx

    markytx Kilo Poster

    It would be a great feature and it would remove the need to answer the customer emails every month that ask "what do all these order and invoice emails mean".
  3. biglupu

    biglupu Kilo Poster

    This would be extremely useful. Now here in our environment we can't use the PBA invoices as themselves but need to use external accountinng applications to combine the PBA invoices to a new single invoice for customers. What a mess..
  4. jamin

    jamin Kilo Poster

    I have been on their case for over 4 years now, I do not see it coming at all now. Correct me if I am wrong Parallels!! The empy promises of many things is wearing thin and I am not the only one. I now know of a 5 Hosting provider that have changed to alternative billing due to zero support with critical features not being added or addressed. A simple thing like a single bill is not that hard considering it already runs in your larger version of the product

    I am sure with the launch of a few other alternatives and Parallels loosing market share they may eventually look at it, but don't hold your breath.
  5. qiskevin

    qiskevin Bit Poster

    PBAS Roadmap

    Did you attend the PBA presentation at this past Summit? If not, Parallels presented their roadmap for PBA. Basically, PBAS as we know it is going away. It is going to be replaced by a new version based on the PBAE codebase. PBAS and PBAE are two totally different systems that do a lot of the same things. Parallels is wasting resources trying to maintain both codebases, and at this point I believe they are probably putting little to no effort into improving the current PBAS. The new PBAE-derived PBAS should have already been released. IIRC, the timeline was for the first version of the new PBAS to be released in October. This version would be for new customers only. It was going to be followed by another version that had the ability to upgrade a PBAS installation based on the old codebase. This upgradable version is supposed to be released by the end of the year. I don't know what has happened to this timeline. There's nothing on the Parallels web site that would indicate that the new PBAS is available. I think their intention was to soft-launch it to new customers, so for all I know the first version of the new codebase is available now.

    The bottom line is that in the near future you should be able to upgrade to the new PBAS and you will get PBAE capabilities such as single order / single invoice.
  6. Boris Hinzer

    Boris Hinzer Kilo Poster

    This has been a feature request of me since 2 years ago.


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