Searching for a domain plugin developer for PBAs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Boris Hinzer, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Boris Hinzer

    Boris Hinzer Kilo Poster


    we are searching for a developer which is either able to fix an existing, but not fully working domain registration plugin for HSPC / PBAS or which is able to develop a domain plugin from scratch.

    The new domain plugin should either use an existing API of our registry partner or prefered work based on Email-Templates - similar to former modernbill version - to create, update and delete domain registrations.


  2. jovana

    jovana Mega Poster

    Dear Boris,

    Did you had ever a response on this question? We are looking also.
    We have very bad experience on Exentric ( The did a very lousy job on development of a DM Plugin.
  3. Boris Hinzer

    Boris Hinzer Kilo Poster

    Actually I got two personal mails months ago. One from a former Parallels support member. Unfortunately he doesn't now have time to develop, cause he went to Canada for a job.

    I contacted the other one appx. 1-2 weeks ago, but got no response.

    So I'm still looking for somebody.

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