Running Automation Test on virtual Machines.

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    Hi All

    I'm new to automation testing and seeking your help to run desktop Application test on Virtual Machines.
    I like to know the best practice to automate the process of Installing our desktop applications on virtual machines run the test and set-up clear down process.
    Basically an the entire end to end process of automation but in a high level.
    I really appreciate if you could share as much knowledge as possible in this area.

    Many Thanks

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    Testing automation, although is performed on a virtual machines, is a subject to "testing discussion" rather than "virtual machine discussion". I can shed some light on virtual machines and application installation, but "testing" side of the question is something I am not aware of.

    Besides installing the application you should be more concerned about a centralized way to orchestrate this installation, perform some actions within the application, and judge the results. Probably there would be some opensource solutions available, you just need to do some research.

    Regarding the application installation, there are different approaches depending on virtualization you're using.
    1) If you're using Containers - you should probably have a closer look at the application templates, those are easy to install and configure. Also, containers are a bit easier to access rather than VMs, they have higher density and are faster to provision.
    Virtuozzo 6.0 (linux) containers guide:
    Virtuozzo Containers for Windows 6.0 guide:

    2) If you're using Virtual Machines - you should probably use specifically prepared os images with guest tools installed (for host <-> guest interactions) and have some sort of "puppet" installed inside to allow remote installation of the software.

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