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    Currently using HSP 2.1.15-07.

    I wish to be able to get the email address for every customer, as well as their status (on hold, deleted, etc). I was reading through the Integration Guide to see what options were availble through the API, but from what I read this was not possible. Is there a GUI report function that I am missing, or have I just not understood the API well enough?
  2. olsh

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    you can easily do this with API. Corresponding details are described in the HSPcomplete Integration Guide in chapters 5-8. Particularly, account-related methods are described on page 55 of this guide.

    Here is a sample code you can use to get list of the accounts with ID, name, email and status:


    use HSPC::Console;
    use HSPC::MT::Core::AbstractAccount;

    my $accounts = HSPC::MT::Core::AbstractAccount->list(attributes=>['id','name','admin_email','status']);

    foreach (@$accounts) {
    print join("\t",@$_)."\n";

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