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    I've had a major disk crash. I had obas 4.5.6-33 installed in a centos 5.5 virtuozzo container. The disk was mirrored, however the other side had issues and appeared to be a year old. When trying to recover, the second disk crashed too, so all was lost.

    I have a backup of the container plus a database dump. It appears in the container it has "virtuozzo" references, i.e. files with symlinks to the template cache:

    ./etc/shells -> ////centos/5/x86/setup-2.5.58-1.el5.noarch/etc/shells

    I'm trying to bring this up on an OpenVZ container since I've lost the virtuozzo keys (and don't want to have a 5 container limit).

    So I believe the choices are to find a centos 5.5 distro and replace all those links with copies of the files. I can't seem to find the template cache where the real files existed on the original server. I have backups, but don't see anything that I can find the template files to copy into the container filesystem.

    Or do a fresh install on either the latest centos5 x86 or centos6 x86, and migrate the data over. But not sure what I'd need besides the database dump. I can then follow the KB to upgrade the OS to centos 6 x64 and use the utilities to migrate.

    Any recommendations?
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    Well, struggling with this I got the system to boot. But there's still issues of course. I can't to a yum update (which I couldn't before either, which is why its at centos 5.5 rather than centos 5.11).
    So I'm looking for an alternative.

    Is it possible to just create a brand new container (and what the heck, update the OS to x64 too), do a clean install, then move the /var/opt over and restore the database.
    Is this enough? Are there other files/changes that need to be migrated over?
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    Another update.
    I've resorted to just building a fresh install of OBAS 4.5.6-33 on a new CentOS 6 x86_64 container.
    I then found a copy of the hspc-mn-backup perl script, analyzed it and did the steps manually.

    I've got it working, however it now says it has "run out of licenses".

    I see the license was moved over in /etc/hspc/licenses/hspclicense

    Is there some change needed by moving to CentOS 6 x64 ?
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    Sorry for delay in answer. For such cases it's better to ask assistance in Odin Support directly, because sometimes notifications from forum do not work.

    If issue with license still exists, you have to request a new one for a new HWID of your x64 container.

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