Requirements for Remote FX??? Poor Performance with all previous RDP Versions!

Discussion in 'Networking Questions' started by Christian_Solid, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Christian_Solid

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    if we would like to upgrade in the near future to Parallels Containers 6 and use the new supported Microsoft Remote FX features, what are the Hardware requirements on the Hardware Node?

    The reason is, that currently (like with PVC 4.6) virtual desktops are no real competitors to a real computer.
    I'm not talking about some graphic intensive programs running inside a container, but already casual desktop work (text processing with MS Office, scrolling in PDF files - especially if they contain some images, adding even small images in MS Office, doing MS Powerpoint presentations, etc etc).

    So if we would like to improve the user experience in the above listed fields, is Parallels Containers 6.0 with Remote FX Support suited for us?
    What are the Hardware requirements? Can we migrate 4.6 containers that run Server 2008R2 DC as host OS to Parallels Containers 6 with Server 2012?

    Thanks for all answers,
    Best Regards, Christian
  2. Andrew@Parallels

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    Hi there,
    The minimal requirements for functional testing are: 1.4 Ghz 64 bit processor, 1 GB of RAM, 32Gb of disk space. For production use it is necessary to take into account planned containers density and the requirements of programs to be running inside those containers. If 10 containers requiring 1Gb of RAM and 2 processor cores will be running on a node, then it is necessary to have 10-12 Gb of RAM and 4-core processor with hyperthreading support or 8-core processor. OS-level virtualization has certain restrictions as compared to hypervisor-based virtualization, one of these is that OS inside containers and on the host must be exactly the same, so it is not possible to migrate containers from Windows 2008R2 to Windows 2012. However, Parallels Containers 6 was optimized specifically for virtual desktops provisioning. You may read more about it and sign up for beta at
  3. Partizan

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    Hi, Christian.
    There is almost no extra resource consumption when using RemoteFX comparing to RDP. Just add few MB to install an appropriate role in each container.
    There will be no upgrade from 2008R2 to 2012 but RemoteFX performs much better in WS2012, so if you suffer from poor RDP performance I suggest you to target on WS2012 platform with PCW6.0.

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