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Discussion in 'Installation and "How-To" Questions' started by ChristianCh, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. ChristianCh

    ChristianCh Kilo Poster

    our PBA-S server has a hostname of <x.y.z> domain but the storefront and URL for the this should be something completely different e.g. <>

    We have <> set in the store and can quite happily use that as the frontend. However, on using the SSL CSR tool in the web admin system it wants to set the site name as <x.y.z>.

    How do we get round this? I cannot see anywhere but the store to reset this name, other than perhaps changing the underlying hostname of the system, which I fear may not work if the value has been copied into several configs on setup.
  2. vbatraev

    vbatraev Odin Team

    You may generate CSR for domain you use in store using any online CSR generation tool.

    For instructions how to rename PBAS hostname please refer to knowledge base article.
  3. ChristianCr

    ChristianCr Kilo Poster

    Can I confirm, the store name HAS to be the same as the hostname to be able to generate a CSR from within the system?

    Can this be raised as a bug/feature?
  4. dkolvakh

    dkolvakh Odin Team


    If you wish to use completely different host.domain.tld for PBAS store, you should generate it's own certificate. This can be done outside PBAS PCC on some vendor's site to get valid certificate. Or, you can generate self-signed SSL certificate using command line tools.
    Also, it's better to use external PBAS store deployment to simplify httpd configuration, when you use different host.domain.tld for it than PBAS itself has.
  5. ChristianCr

    ChristianCr Kilo Poster

    Okay so we have the situation that when users get email alerts they get it from x@<system hostname>

    The name of the server is not particularly user friendly so we need to alter it somehow. Is there anyway to get the hostname aliased in some manner.

    Otherwise is there a process we can go through to alter the name?
  6. ChristianCr

    ChristianCr Kilo Poster

    Looking to revisit this.

    We have the fqdn for our system. Our customers will need to keep to this fqdn during their experience.

    We also need to have emails coming from the system as something far more sensible than <hostname of system> as the control panel interface. Effectively I'm expecting the system to understand virtual host naming, which is not that unreasonable considering this is use everywhere else on the system.

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