Remove PHP Safe Mode For one domain name only

Discussion in 'PSA 5.0 'How Do I' Questions' started by GlobalPN, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. GlobalPN

    GlobalPN Guest

    Ok, I'm using Plesk 5.0.5.
    A client of mine needs php enabled because he wants the upload function on his forum enabled. He is using visionboard.
    When I run system check it says file upload is disabled, ask host (me) to allow permissions. I believe this is because my PHP safe mode is turned on.

    I have tried the following:
    Created a vhost.conf file and put this in:
    <Directory /home/httpd/vhosts/
    php_admin_value safe_mode 0 
    php_admin_value open_basedir 
    I put this into the following directory:

    I tried to run the install but still get the same message.
    I checked their phpinformation and it says safe mode is off.

    I'm really confused as to why this script would not be working?
  2. rembrandt

    rembrandt Tera Poster

    did you ..

    did you run /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/my_apci_rst to rebuild apache?
  3. GlobalPN

    GlobalPN Guest

    I typed that in and pressed start.
    It doesn't confirm that apache is restarting.
    It only comes back to root directory.
  4. rembrandt

    rembrandt Tera Poster

    apache restart

    That's good, apache is rebuild, no problem. If you want 2 be extra sure you could typ:

    /etc/init.d/httpd restart

    then you know for sure that apache is restarted.
  5. JoeK168

    JoeK168 Kilo Poster

    I believe you want safe mode off not 0.
  6. security issues

    I installed phpbb ( and also installed one of its styles. Apparently, running php in SAFE MODE does not allow me to run certain scripts and turned it off following the instruction given in this post. Now what I'm wondering about, well, concerned about is security issues. Can anyone please comment on security issues of php? In particular, security issues upon turning off SAFE MODE?
  7. jimroe

    jimroe Guru

    You should read the Security Chapter in the documentation for PHP for an assessment of the issues surrounding PHP.

    On my servers when it's necessary to support a site that needes safe_mode Off, I do so through a vhost.conf file for that site only - never for the entire server.
  8. DarkHorizons

    DarkHorizons Tera Poster

    jimroe - what are the commands that you use in the vhost.conf file to turn safe mode off for just a particular domain?

    Thanks in advance,


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