Registering Name Server Managed via SSH on Ubuntu 12.04

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  1. Netzhaus

    Netzhaus Kilo Poster

    We've got a PBA-S system based on CentOS 6.5.
    Now we try to register a Ubuntu based nameserver via root ssh login but it fails.

    The login itself works.
    First error was, that the chkconfig tool was missing on the ubuntu system.
    We fixed this by installing chkconfig.

    But it still does not work.
    Now we get the following error:
    [2014/05/15 12:11:36] [DEBUG] [61477] [HSPC::MT::DM::NS::SlaveNS::SSH::__ssh_exec] ssh_exec: chkconfig --level 2345 named on
    [2014/05/15 12:11:36] [DEBUG] [61477] [HSPC::MT::DM::NS::SlaveNS::SSH::__ssh_exec] OUT: ; ERR: named: unknown service

    I think the reason is, that the service in Ubuntu is called bind9 and not named.

    Is there a way to use Ubuntu managed nameservers?
  2. FedorK

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    PBAS try configure only named service. We have no feature to support named9 service name.

    Please use CentOS 6 for named server.
  3. Netzhaus

    Netzhaus Kilo Poster

    I did so and it works. Thank you.

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