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Discussion in 'PSA 2.5 Installation' started by cybertext, May 6, 2002.

  1. cybertext

    cybertext Guest

    Redhat 7.3 was released today. The Redhat FTP site is jammed so I haven't been about to DL it yet. But I'm going to install in on my backup server.

    Question: Will Plesk 2.5 run on Redhat 7.3?
  2. Reyner

    Reyner Guest

    Cool! Well, I guess, you will be the first one to find out! :)
    But I hope that it works even better.

    Could you update us Cybertext? Thanks in advance :)
  3. frozen

    frozen Tera Poster

    I am downloading red hat 7.3 now so if he doesn't I will
  4. Reyner

    Reyner Guest


    That would be great! Thank you :)
  5. frozen

    frozen Tera Poster

    At a whopping speed of 4.18kb/s we will be waiting awhile, hopefully I can find a faster mirror, this is reminding me of dial up days lol, wonder how many ppl are downloading it now

    I do allready forsee one problem I am going to have to tackle though, Red hat 7.3 comes packaged with Perl 5.6.1, and last I knew plesk needed 5.6.0, We will see how things go after fixing that. How easy it will be I don't know as it is a core component to the system. Shouldn't be any harder then downgrading as many of you had to do when up2date upgraded it on 7.1 and 7.2. Again guess we will have to wait and see.
  6. Im downloading redhat 7.3 also, its going very slow every mirror site is full.
  7. cybertext

    cybertext Guest

    OK, I chickened out. (Besides, I haven't finished downloading 7.3 yet).

    I shouldn't experiment with my clients web sites on RH 7.3. Since Plesk 2.5 comes in a different version for RH 7.1 and 7.2, it stands to reason that Plesk will have to tweak it to get it stable on 7.3.

    BTW, my backup server got rooted, so I had to reinstall the OS. Hence the "opportunity" to install the latest RH release. If something "really bad" happens to my Production machine, I've got the backup ready. I really don't want to be an expert on Linux security issues, but after getting rooted and the log files deleted and an IRC bot installed and running and httpd deleted . . . well, you get the idea.

  8. midibach

    midibach Guest

    The new version of perl will be a problem.
  9. NightMan

    NightMan Guru

    U lucky to say that your back-up server, we had a hacking on our production server with 300 client sites... 4 days work for manuel accout creation...
  10. awlane

    awlane Mega Poster

    It works!!!

    I got it to work. Didn't even need the RPM install of PSA 2.5.

    I will do some testing, surely something has to go wrong. There were no error messages re: Perl during the install.....
  11. iskander

    iskander Guest

    I don't understand why you people say it isn't supported ?
    i have perl 5.6.1 running on red hat 7.2 with all updates as provided by the rhn.

    i didn't experience a single problem with it not with plesk (which doesn't use perl as far as i can tell) nor with webmin or any other application.


  12. midibach

    midibach Guest

    What about Apache::ASP? (like it really matters) :)
  13. DigitalXWeb

    DigitalXWeb Guest

    This depends on how you do the install. If you use RHN to update before Plesk this will work with no problems because the paths are correct. However if you install Plesk before running RHN and updating Perl to 5.6.1 then it will break Plesks paths. This will not happen if you use tarballs, only with using rpm's.

    You are correct Plesk uses it's own version of perl however the rpm install will modify the paths used by Plesk and will make apache fail to start.

    As far as I am aware Apache:Asp still only supports 5.6.0 and until it works with 5.6.1 Plesk will probably not include the latest version of Perl.
  14. Dan S.

    Dan S. Guest

    You are correct Brian.
  15. ridwan

    ridwan Kilo Poster


    i am downloading it now.
    well, at this speed it should be done in a few hours.

    beside apache::asp module, is there anything that would give me troubles?
  16. I downloaded it took 3 whole days!

    I havent had a chance to try it with plesk yet tho.
  17. murtix

    murtix Guest

    Hi all,

    I have just installed the PSA 2.5.1 on a brand new Redhat 7.3 installation. Eveything went fine. I was thinking to upgrade php from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 but only libpng and libstc++ was gonna get messy. (you will see when you try it).

    Anyways, dont make a full install of rh 7.3 of course. Do with www, bind, sql, software development, (not anon ftp or wu-ftp) select utlilities dont select any of the Xwindows, printer or whatever. And then download the plesk 2.5.1 (rpm) from and then read the txt file's firstpage. It writes which packages need to be in the computer during plesk installation. And then install all of them with the newer versions from the rh 7.3 cds. And when you make sure that all redhat packages are installed then get in to the directory of plesk. Get in the base directory run this command:

    rpm -Uvh *

    it will install all the stuff. And it will prompt you it is done. And then get in to the ../opt dir and then get in to the perl dir and use the same command to install them all and then the fp dir will foloow it. And you are done.

    A couple of words for php. Php comes with 4.1.2 version in rh7.3. And if you want to upgrade 4.2.1 version of php it will provide you 4 dependecies. libdb (it can be upgradable) and libgcc. Libgcc a tool you should install from scratch anyway. libdb4.0 only the stable package not the devel package. But others (libstdc++ and libpng12) will be messy. you may install libpng12 from source but libstdc++ should be at least 3.0 or 3.1 which will need g++ > 3 and g++ > 3 will need some other things. And one shared library will be removed which not comes with the new libstdc++ (you will see when you attempt it) . So anyways, if some one can install the latest php on a redhat computer, please also let me know..
  18. user1234

    user1234 Guest

    How about PSA v.2.5.1_Backup_Utilities build020513.20
    it's not working/can't install on my 7.3 but PSA v.2.5 Standard is working ok

    any news from Plesk when they relese new update ??

    I need to do some backups :eek:(
  19. wdingus

    wdingus Guest

    I was able to edit the installation script for the 2.5.1 backup/restore utilities to remove the RedHat 7.3 limitation. My backups appear to now be working.. I sure hope they release some updates which specifically address 7.3 soon though...
  20. DigitalXWeb

    DigitalXWeb Guest

    You may consider sharing your modified version of the backup script, because Plesk will not update these until they officially support 7.3 which from what I understand wont be until PSA 5.0 is released in July.

    It is your choice of course :D

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